Berninghaus, Oscar

Berninghaus, Oscar Biography

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Berninghaus was primarily a self-taught artist. He had little academic training and, unlike his contemporaries, did not travel and study in Europe. It has been said that he had never painted in oils until his first visit to Taos. As a child, Berninghaus loved to draw and his first exposure to technical study was as an apprentice lithographer in St. Louis. A skilled draftsman and printmaker, he became a successful independent commercial artist and enjoyed a wide reputation throughout his career. His early artwork shows a primary concern for composition, always a strong element in his canvases. Undergoing continual growth and development, his mature style is characterized by an impressionist flavor. These later oil paintings show a palette of pastel colors and feathery brush work. Throughout his life, he depicted his subjects with simple clarity in reflecting their lives and surrounding countryside.

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