Dongen, Kees van

Dongen, Kees van Biography

Dutch-born French painter, one of the leading Fauvists after Henri Matisse, particularly renowned for his sensuously rendered portraits of women.

Van Dongen exhibited artistic leanings early in his youth. He attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Rotterdam and moved to Paris at the age of 20. In the bohemian atmosphere of the Montmartre district, he worked as a house painter, an illustrator for satirical papers, and a caf? artist.

Having made the acquaintance of Matisse, he participated in 1905 in the famous Salon d'Automne, at which the Fauve (Wild Beast) group was given its epithet.

Van Dongen's candid, colouristic portrait style was immensely fashionable by the end of World War I. He also painted numerous richly coloured seascapes and scenes of Paris in an assured, economical style.

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