Dunton, W. Herbert

Dunton, W. Herbert Biography

An avid sportsman from childhood, Herbert Dunton roamed the woods surrounding his home in Auguste, Maine and paid little attention to his schooling. He began sending drawings to local papers and journals; by the age of sixteen he had published his work from New York to Maine. He traveled to Montana and, over the next fifteen years, hired himself out as a cowpuncher. Returning to the East, Dunton enrolled in a class at the Arts Students League taught by E.L. Blumenschein and, inspired by stories of the Taos Valley, he abandoned a distinguished illustrating career and settled in Taos to become am oil painter.
Dunton's first love remained the open range. He was primarily concerned with capturing the West of the American Cowboy during his heyday. His oil paintings show a careful approach to his subject both anatomically and in attention to movement and composition. This approach, coupled with a painterly illustrative style, changed very little through his life.

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