Hennings, E. Martin

Hennings, E. Martin Biography

E. Martin Hennings visited Taos in 1917 and became a resident in 1921. He was to develop a highly individual style of oil painting, interweaving figures and horses among the aspen forests of the Taos mountains. This tapestry quality gives his oil paintings a rich and glowing flavor.

Raised in Chicago, Hennings' family encouraged his early interest in drawing. He studied for five years at the Art Institute and in Germany at the Munich Academy, where he learned the style of academic realism. Disappointed with a career as a commercial artist in Chicago, Hennings returned to Europe where he met Walter Ufer and Victor Higgins. Although he made Taos his home, he traveled frequently until his death in 1956.

A gifted draftsman, his artwork reflects technical grace and fluidity. Hennings continued to paint with a realistic approach and a lyrical style using decorative motifs. The visual impact of his artwork is heightened by an economical use of linear design and outline.

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