Kuhn, Walter

Kuhn, Walter Biography

American painter, born in New York City. Walter Kuhn is noted chiefly for his vigorous studies of circus performers, chorus girls, and trapeze athletes. After 1925 Kuhn devoted himself to oil painting, translating an early love of the circus and the theatre into simple and austere oil paintings of clowns, showgirls, and acrobats. They are bold and unpolished, with a slightly Spanish flavour; the figures are especially remarkablefor dark penetrating eyes that are sometimes heavily outlined. His Blue Clown (1931, Whitney Museum, New York City) is the most popular example of his artwork. He also did a number of brilliant still lifes, as well as designs for musical revues. Walter Kuhn contributed substantially to the introduction of the techniques and theories of modern art to the American public and to many American artists.

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