Parsons, Sheldon

Parsons, Sheldon Biography

Sheldon Parson's serendipitous discovery of Santa Fe in 1913 resulted from a flare-up of his tuberculosis while en route from New York to San Francisco to paint murals for an exposition. After his recovery at Sunmount Sanatorium, Parsons, who had been a prominent portrait painter in the East, settled permanently in Santa Fe and turned to the surrounding landscape for subject matter.

Santa Fe Mountains in October is representative of the oil paintings Sheldon Parsons did in and around Santa Fe. The oil painting reveals the influence upon the artist of the Barbizon and impressionist schools in the saturation of light and the use of a high-key, bright palette. He often turned for subject to golden aspens, flowering chamisa, bright blue skies, red chili hanging from adobe homes, and the nearby desert. Although most of Sheldon Parsons's own artworks are representational in style, as the Museum of Fine Arts' first curator, he often exhibited works of modernists such as Marsden Hartley.

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