Philips, Bert Geer

Philips, Bert Geer Biography

Bert Phillips was raised on the Hudson River in New York, where he spent his youth roaming the woods while drawing and sketching. Although his father insisted on an architectural career, Bert Geer Phillips abandoned any such pretensions upon his arrival to study art in New York City. He went to Europe for further study and there met Joseph H. Sharp. Traveling West upon his return to America, Bert Geer Phillips lived in Taos until his death. Phillips was instrumental in creating and preserving Kit Carson National Forest and served as its first and only ranger for four years.
Phillips maintained a very strong rapport with the Indians of the Taos Pueblo, which made possible his understanding of their lives and his expression for their respect of nature. Although his aesthetic concerns undermined any academic ones, Bert Geer Phillips achieved a sensitive lyrical quality in his oil paintings that is essential to understanding the environment of Taos. He executed many brilliant portraits of his Indian friends and studies of the surrounding communities.

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