Portocarrero, Rene

Portocarrero, Rene Biography

Rene Portocarrero was born in Cerro, outside Havana. At the age of 11 he sent his workl to the annual exhibition at the Salon de Bellas Atres. In the 1940s he gave art classes to the prisoners in a Havana jail and admitted that he was influenced by the artwork of his 'pupils'. He began to paint works with astriking combination of stong linear, linear draftsmanship and rich, vigorous pigmentation. The use of divided color also began to play an inportnat role in his work, enhancing his portrayal of fantasy. His artworks are baroque in conception, line and tone and these stylistic chararteristics are employed to express his passionate obsession for Spanish Colonial subjects. Spanish-Cuban interiors, cathedrals and old spinsters are all powerfully depicted by Portocarrero's graceful brushstrokes.

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