Radziwill, Franz

Radziwill, Franz Biography

German painter associated with the Neue Sachlichkeit movement. He studied architecture before turning to art studies. Franz Radziwill became a professional painter after his military service ended in 1918, joined the Berlin Secession and became friendly with Dix and Grosz. Franz Radziwill worked in Dix's Dresden studio in the later 1920S, and in 1933 was asked to run a master-class in the Dusseldorf Academy until the Nazis dismissed him in 1935. Forbidden to work in Germany, he travelled in Africa and South America, but served again in the German forces during 1939-45. Subsequently his work became well known in his own country, and admired for its combination of naturalism with unexpected pictorial events such as areas of decay in substantial-looking architecture and the threatening appearance of aeroplanes and of comets over peaceful landscapes.

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