Still, Clyfford

Still, Clyfford Biography

American painter, prominent among the first generation of Abstract Expressionists. He studied art at Spokane University and Washington State College. In the 1950s Clyfford Still lived in New York; thereafter at Westminster, Maryland. His immediate springboard into Abstract Expressionism was Surrealism but his mature oil paintings, characterized by great variegated planes of heavy color, apparently overlapping each other, soft-edged and torn, suggest cataclysmic or at least dramatic experiences and thus echo some of Romanticism's more powerful productions, e.g. the late oil paintings of Turner. Clyfford Still was one of the originators, with Rothko, Motherwell and others, of the Subjects of the Artist school. His first one-man show was in 1943 at the San Francisco Museum of Art but his debut as an Abstract Expressionist was in 1946 at Art of this Century (New York), from which time on he exhibited frequently and widely. In 1966 the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo showed 33 oil paintings he had given to the museum. Clyfford Still is best known for his compelling abstract works with jagged fields and powerful expanses of color.

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