Williams, Frederick

Williams, Frederick Biography

Australian painter, generally recognized as one of the greatest Australian painters of his generation. Born in Melbourne, Frederick Williams studied there at the National Gallery School (1944-1949) and afterward at the Chelsea Art School and the Central School of Arts and Crafts, both in London (1951-1956). He returned to Australia in 1957 and held his first solo exhibition at the Australian Galleries, Melbourne, in 1958. Thereafter he regularly held solo shows in Melbourne and Sydney, and from 1960 took part in Australian exhibitions overseas.

Frederick Williams's thick, swirled brushstrokes and his highly personal sense of color capture the Australian landscape in a fresh and original vision. He has won numerous awards and in 1977 was featured in an exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art, entitled 'Fred Williams Landscapes of a Continent'. He is represented in the Australian National Gallery, all Australian state galleries, and many regional and university centers, as well as collections outside Australia.

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