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Let us paint a treasured portrait masterpiece from your photo

Our talented, experienced, award-winning portrait artists paint stunning heirloom masterpieces from your photos. Couple, wedding, child, family, house, pet and commission portraits - all expertly hand painted using quality oil paint on cotton canvas. You can chose from several portrait styles including Realistic, Impressionist and modern Pop art.

Get a beautiful oil painting expertly made from your photos!

Choose a portrait style then click on image to see prices and samples

Realistic style
Realistic style
Cezanne style
Cezanne style
Van Gogh style
Van Gogh style

Pino style
Pino style
Neiman style
Neiman style
Nielly style
Nielly style

Obama 'Hope' style
Obama 'Hope' style

Graffiti Street Art style portraits
Graffiti Street Art style

Banksy style
Banksy style


Lichtenstein style
Lichtenstein style

Warhol style portrait
Warhol style

Opie style portraits
Opie style

WPAP Style Portrait

Old masterpiece portraits

Old Masterpiece Oil Portrait

Your portrait as an old masterpiece



Composite merged portraits

Composite Oil Portrait

Different photos in one oil portrait