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About us  
The original Galerie Dada opened in 1921 in Zurich, Switzerland. Hugo Ball, the owner, exhibited the works of the Dada group of artists which included Max Ernst and Francis Picabia. The members of the Dada art movement believed that art should be celebrated as a part of everyday life, rejecting the idea that art was only to be found in museums and the private collections of the wealthy.
Famously, dada artist Marcel Duchamp exhibited a painting of Mona Lisa with a moustache at an art exhibition! Sadly, the original Galerie Dada closed its doors in the early 1920s as Dada artists moved on to express themselves through surrealism. The Dada movement can be seen as the beginning of twentieth century modern art.  
Similarly our mission at the new online Galerie Dada is to bring art to the people. We are dedicated to bringing beautiful, modern fine art reproduction oil paintings to people like you who love modern art but cannot afford the sky high prices of the original. Our experienced artists can transform your favorite art or photos into stunning, hand-painted masterpieces at affordable prices - why settle for a dull print when you can have vibrant oil paint colors?