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Artist: Hector Hyppolite (Haitian 1894-1948)

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Hector Hyppolite, The Great Master Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
The Great Master
Hector Hyppolite, Forward Forward Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Forward Forward
Hector Hyppolite, Angel St Francis Praying Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Angel St Francis Praying
Hector Hyppolite, Le President Florvil Hyppolite Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Le President Florvil Hyppolite
Hector Hyppolite, Monument Dumarsais Estime Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Monument Dumarsais Estime
Hector Hyppolite, Come Dannie Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Come Dannie
Hector Hyppolite, Two Priestesses with Vase Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Two Priestesses with Vase
Hector Hyppolite, A House and Garden Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
A House and Garden
Hector Hyppolite, Fruit Trees Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Fruit Trees
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Hector Hyppolite Biography | Art Reproductions | peintures de reproduction | Galerie Dada
Hyppolite, Hector

Hyppolite, Hector Biography

Hector Hyppolite was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At the time of his death in 1948, he was recognized as Haiti's foremost painter. By 1946, both Andre Breton and Wilfredo Lam were purchasing his artwork and hailing him as a master of naive art. UNESCO's exhibition in Paris in 1947 gave Hyppolit a world-wide reputation. Born into a family of voodoo priests in 1894, Hyppolite did not start to paint until late in his life. Although by trade a shoemaker, house painter and sometimes voodoo priest, Hyppolite painted postcards for US marines visiting Haiti. His painted architectural decorations in St. Marc brought him to the attention of De Witt Peters, founder and director of the Centre-d'Art. With De Witt's encouragement, Hyppolite, at age 55, moved to Port-au-Prince and devoted himself to painting. Using chicken feathers and his fingers as well as brushes, Hyppolite produced a body of work of remarkable richness and complexity.

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