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Artist: Raoul Dufy (French 1877-1953)

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Raoul Dufy, Beach at St Adresse Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Beach at St Adresse
Raoul Dufy, Woman in Pink Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Woman in Pink
Raoul Dufy, Vence Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Raoul Dufy, Nude Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Raoul Dufy, The Casino at Nice Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
The Casino at Nice
Raoul Dufy, Racetrack at Deauville Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Racetrack at Deauville
Raoul Dufy, The Thoroughbred Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
The Thoroughbred
Raoul Dufy, Yellow Console with Violin Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Yellow Console with Violin
Raoul Dufy, Interior with Hindu Girl Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Interior with Hindu Girl
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Raoul Dufy Biography | Art Reproductions | Galerie Dada
Dufy, Raoul

Dufy, Raoul Biography

French painter, born in Le Havre and studied briefly at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Initially Dufy was influenced by the impressionists, but in 1902 he met Henri Matisse and other fauve painters, who worked in striking, nonrealistic colors and bold forms. Dufy adopted their style and added to it a vigorous, spontaneous use of line. In the early 1920s Dufy rededicated himself to oil painting and began producing what are now his best-known works. His distinctive style is characterized by bright, decorative colours thinly spread over a white ground, with objects sketchily delineated by sensuously undulating lines. Dufy took as his subjects scenes of recreation and spectacle, including horse races and regattas, parades, and concerts. Dufy spent much time on the French Riviera and produced series of oil paintings of Nice (1927), the Bois deBoulogne (1929), and Deauville (1930). Though very popular, his lively, carefree, elegant oil paintings have been criticized as occasionally bordering on the superficial.

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