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Artist: Remedios Varo (Spainsh 1908-1963)

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Remedios Varo, Expedition of the Aqua Aerea Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Expedition of the Aqua Aerea
Remedios Varo, Lecole buissonniere Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Lecole buissonniere
Remedios Varo, Weightlessness Phenomenon Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Weightlessness Phenomenon
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Remedios Varo Biography | Art Reproductions | Reproduktionen von Kunst | Galerie Dada
Varo, Remedios

Varo, Remedios Biography

Born in Genoa, Spain, Remedios Varo studied art in Madrid at the Academia de San Fernando in 1934. She moved to Paris in 1937 and entered the surrealist circle of artists. In 1940, she fled France for Mexico Where she participated in a exhibition organized by Andre Breton. She continued to live in Mexico City.

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