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Artist: Roy Lichtenstein (American 1923-1997)

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Roy Lichtenstein, Artists Studio,the Dance Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Artists Studio,the Dance
Roy Lichtenstein, Still Life with Goldfish Bowl Painting Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Still Life with Goldfish Bowl Painting
Roy Lichtenstein, Reclining Nude Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Reclining Nude
Roy Lichtenstein, Amerind Composition II Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Amerind Composition II
Roy Lichtenstein, Two Figures with Teepee Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Two Figures with Teepee
Roy Lichtenstein, Red Horseman Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Red Horseman
Roy Lichtenstein, Forest Scene Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Forest Scene
Roy Lichtenstein, Sailboats Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Roy Lichtenstein, Woman III Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting
Woman III
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Roy Lichtenstein Biography | Art Reproductions | Reproduktionen von Kunst | Galerie Dada
Lichtenstein, Roy

Lichtenstein, Roy Biography

American painter best known for his large-scale paintings based on comic strips. Along with fellow American artist Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein was one of the central figures of the American pop art movement in the 1960s, which countered the techniques and concepts of Abstract Expressionism with images and techniques taken from popular culture.
Born in New York City, Lichtenstein began his artistic studies in 1939 with American artist Reginald Marsh at the Art Students League, New York City. He attended Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he earned his M.F.A. degree in 1949. He stayed on to teach there for several years, and from 1957 taught at the State University of New York at Oswego.

His trademark comic-book style dates from 1961, when he began to reproduce not only the subject matter but also the appearance of comic strips printed in newspapers. To accentuate the mass-produced quality of his cartoon heroines and fighter pilots, he imitated the newspaper printing style, using patterns of colored dots to achieve different tones, a limited number of colors, and heavy black outlines. Lichtenstein's first one-man show, held in New York City in 1962, was a great commercial success, and his innovative work found an international audience. In 1966 he became the first American to exhibit at London's Tate Gallery.

After the 1960s, Lichtenstein's works began to include still lifes and landscapes, and they were a dramatic departure from his earlier style in their use of brushstrokes as well as in their subject matter.

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